Melbourne Business School: Improving Top-Line growth with XRM based applications

Melbourne Business School (MBS) is one of the largest and prestigious business schools in the Asia Pacific region for postgraduate management education and executive development programs. The sheer number of processes, systems and technologies associated with advancement, teaching and learning, marketing and student management activities results in many interactions with their constituents.

MBS was looking for a solution that would provide a comprehensive, organisation-wide view of all constituent information and improve the mechanisms used for existing and prospective constituents to easily interact with the school.

The Thinking

After an extensive market evaluation, MBS selected Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as the proposed technology platform solution. In collaboration with MBS and Microsoft, Oakton proposed and implemented a solution that would provide a single view of the constituent across the School.

The Solution 

The core solution component, Dynamics CRM, is used by internal business and faculty staff members to support all processes relating to applicants, students, alumni, donors, events and business partners. It also manages the relationships between each of those parties to ensure that MBS is able to develop and maintain a whole of life view of the constituent.

Oakton provided a full service throughout the lifecycle of the project, working with numerous internal technical and business stakeholders. This ensured the successful implementation, testing and delivery of the solution allowing for all future supportability to be managed by MBS.

Customer Benefit

The solution has moved MBS to the forefront of innovation in Higher Education Relationship Management. This has already returned benefits to the school and set a benchmark for the industry. Today, the School has greater clarity and ability to manage constituent information, translating into a revolutionised relationship between the School and constituents. MBS now has:

  • Increased satisfaction through targeted communication and improved processes
  • A consistent experience when interacting with MBS regardless of the communication channel
  • A single source of constituent data to provide 360 degree view of MBS constituents throughout their association with the School leading to improved relationships
  • Improved data quality and reliability allowing for a reduction in data management overhead
  • Increased staff satisfaction through ease of administration and reduced duplication of effort
  • Improved security model to provide data integrity and contextual content relevant to each constituent
  • A greater ability to accurately target constituents for marketing and business development purposes