Infigen: Strategic advice leads to an improved sourcing strategy

Following the internalisation of Infigen Energy’s management in 2008, the company found itself having to establish both business and IT capabilities sufficiently robust for an ASX listed company.

As a leading specialist in the renewable energy business and with interests in wind farms in Australia and the United States, Infigen established and developed the capabilities of a full function energy company, with business units responsible for management, development, operations, energy generation and trading within the energy markets.

As a rapidly expanding business, Infigen needed an IT model that could respond to the demands of these new functional business units, all requiring new systems and integrated services.

Infigen is not in the business of providing IT services. We were interested in investigating where providers could partner with us to provide services to our business – changing the IT operating model to a service based model. Oakton’s experiences were able to assist us with this journey.” 

- Chris Baveystock, Chief Financial Officer, Infigen Energy.

The Thinking

The speed with which the IT domain was brought together demanded clear thinking and experience in devising the operating model, based on a multi-sourced IT services approach. This was to be drawn together using the best solutions available in an extremely tight time frame.

Oakton brought to bear its considerable enterprise architecture capabilities, backed by its specialist resources, targeting the critical roles and tasks. The solution had to be practical yet robust, secure and of paramount importance.

The Solution 

It was not simply a matter of consulting advice. The process of identification and selection of hardware and software solutions, their deployment and establishment of IT Service Management processes, all within an overarching Information Architecture focus drew heavily on Oakton.

Oakton specialists held key roles in both the transition project and the subsequent ongoing operational management, in some cases for the entire initial five years of Infigen’s existence. The initial IT model was successfully delivered and has allowed Infigen to grow in maturity as a consumer of ever more commoditised services.

Due to market shifts in the IT industry, Infigen, with Oakton’s active assistance, has commenced reassessment of its business operations for the future.

Key to this reassessment has been Oakton’s Service Integration offering, an approach that builds upon the initial multi-sourcing model to take the further step towards IT-as-a-Service. Infrastructure considerations as well as Platforms and Application Software as Services are well and truly in Infigen’s sights.

Customer Benefit

The initial deployment, establishing a greenfield site with such speed, has rarely been seen before and has lasted the distance. In the first two years, the site has proven to be a secure basis for the rapid rate of business change.