Document Verification Service

The Document Verification Service (DVS) is a secure, national, real-time and on-line service that enables authorised government agencies, and in the future private entities (Users), to verify identifying information presented by individuals as evidence of identity. 

DVS was implemented as part of the Council of Australian Government’s National Identity Security Strategy and is currently available to Australian state and territory government agencies and is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to protecting the identity of Australians and reducing the risk of a stolen identity being used.

The Thinking

The Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) sought a partner to build and then provide managed services support for an enhanced Document Verification Service (DVS). The new DVS needed to be scalable to meet expected demand, suitable for commercial users, meet the Commonwealth’s stringent security requirements, be flexible and responsive, and provide enhanced reporting capabilities.  AGD also sought to achieve cost savings as a contribution to support the Commonwealth’s increasing budget pressures.

The Solution

Oakton proposed a solution using Microsoft technologies to provide the robust capability, scalability and extensibility necessary to the meet future needs of the AGD while maintaining the best value for money and fit to AGD’s existing architecture.

Oakton undertook the build and delivery component of the DVS Project using an Agile approach to development and project management.  User Stories, deliverables and testing was tracked for each fortnightly Agile Sprint release.

The solution framework made it possible to incorporate additional functionality such as a reporting dashboard, invoicing and document recognition. 

Customer Benefit

With the new DVS Hub and monitoring solution we are able to see real-time transaction traffic across our network of over 250 Users and 5 issuers. Oakton’s secure and scalable verification platform gives us the capacity to expand the service to easily include new Users, Issuers and other verification credentials.” 

- Glenis Hunter, Director, Document Verification Service.

The new DVS provides a fast and accurate method for Government and commercial organisations (users) to verify the validity of their clients’ identity documents against the originating issuing Agency (Issuers) by verifying whether:

  • The details on the document correspond to the those held by the Issuer, and
  • The document is valid.

The Service and its underlying infrastructure is scalable and built to facilitate large daily transaction volumes.  The new DVS provides enhanced reporting and monitoring capabilities, and AGD is utilising the full functionality of the DVS Dashboard to monitor transaction speeds and volumes in real-time.  Further enhancements and expansions of the service are under consideration.