Managed Services: building a trustworthy applications portfolio

Harness the efficiency of expertly-managed platforms

Maintaining the right mix and level of technology platform skills within your organisation can be tricky and expensive.  Our Platform Managed Services provide an alternative approach, leveraging our skills base across multiple clients for a more efficient outcome. Our range of Platform Managed Services solutions include database administration (DBA) services for Oracle and Microsoft, Middleware services, as well as DevOps and Cloud Ops. These Platform Managed Services can be delivered on-premise or in either private cloud or public cloud environments.

Proven Experience


Improve your organisation’s agile delivery throughput with our DevOps capability.

Digital Advisory

Database Managed Services

Proactively monitor your databases and ensure a quick response to any problems on your site.

World-class Partners


Effective management of your private and public cloud environments for seamless, dependable business operations.

Industry Solutions


Real-time monitoring of your environments ensures you can handle issues proactively as they arise.

Industry Advisory


We provide key services tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Proven Expertise

We have proven experience delivering application managed services for our clients.

World-class Partners

Hosting Services

We can provide hosting services on private or public cloud platforms.

Industry Solutions

Automated Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring and alerts ensure we know about problems before you do.