The time is now to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

How to determine if your core business applications need to be upgraded

Your business works hard to keep up with the pace and data demands of today. And your core applications – like accounting and HR systems, CRM and ERP – should work hard too.

These applications keep your operations running efficiently and seamlessly – as well as providing key insights. However, many enterprises are still relying on ad-hoc and outdated systems.

At Oakton, we evaluate your existing systems and assess whether you’re able to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Based in the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you bring together your data and relationships, build intelligence into your decision making, and achieve better results overall.

7 signs your current core business applications needs an upgrade*

How do you know to upgrade? If your core business applications are displaying any of these signs, talk to us about how we can help:

1. Limited agility

Your applications should effortlessly respond to changes in your external and internal environment – such as letting you introduce modular components in stages as you grow.

2. No real-time insights

Real-time insights make you a better decision-maker. You can determine which metrics to use, rather than wondering whether or not your system will facilitate the analysis.

3. Non-compliance

Do your adhere to data regulations? If not, you risk enormous fines. Check that your business applications have up-to-date security patches and your vendor still supports your solution.

4. Sub-optimal user experience

Do your core business applications operate in isolation? Are they not cloud-based and complex to use? If so, they could be having a major impact on your overall productivity.

5. Sub-optimal customer experience

Customers want the right products and the right information at the right time. If your systems don’t allow this, they could be impacting your CX.

6. Lack of seamless integration with your other business systems

If your applications don’t interact with one another, the insights they offer are limited. Your people also waste time manually extracting and comparing data.

7. Lack of scalability

Effective core business applications need to be scalable. If not, they fail to support business growth and your ability to incorporate tools that give you a competitive edge.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is comprised of pioneering, cloud-based systems that provide real-time insights on sales, service, finance, operations, talent and marketing.

You’ll be able to optimise collaboration and productivity by breaking down silos; plus enjoy the wisdom that comes from easily accessible information.

Technical whitepaper: When is the right time to upgrade your ERP?

Your ERP should be the backbone of your business. Download this technical whitepaper to learn more about how to determine if your ERP is in need of an upgrade, and the key steps involved in doing so.

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Process Review

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Readiness Review

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Health Check

We’ll get to know your current applications and challenges, then provide a report on potential best-practice remedies.

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