Harness the digital solutions you need to thrive in a digital world

Connect with your customers through agile management strategies

Today’s customers want everything quickly, and want the process involved in getting what they want to be seamless. That efficiency and immediacy needs to be met through a variety of digital channels, which makes being consistent and reliable critical. At Oakton, we can bring your customer management strategy to life in a way that will meet both your business and customer needs. We offer a full range of services, from defining customer management strategies to redefining business processes and culture. Tap into the opportunities that digital creates by engaging with customers in the way they prefer, when they prefer.

Industry Advisory

Customer Relationship Management

Retain your customers by keeping them engaged with progressive, adaptable support.

Data and Analytics

Customer Service Management

Earn customer loyalty by providing customers with exceptional customer service across all channels.

Case Management

Track your customer requests and issues efficiently and act on them quickly with effective software.

Industry Solutions

360° Customer View

Enable marketing, sales and customer service teams to personalise the customer experience.

Industry Solutions

Proven Experience

We are a trusted advisory service partner to our clients.

World-class Partners

We partner with industry leaders to deliver the solutions you need.

Data and Analytics


Integration is a key strength of ours and necessary in delivering great customer experience.

Managed Services

Life-cycle services

Our solutions are backed by ongoing managed support services as we stand behind what we deliver.