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Agile Consulting

We live in an era of continuous change.  Global market forces, advances in technology and disruptive new market entrants mean that every organisation needs to be able to react quickly to changing market forces and new market opportunities.  They need to become more agile.

Oakton understands that becoming ‘agile’ requires more than just the adoption of ‘Agile’ methods.  It impacts all aspects of your organisation. Oakton can advise you on how to reshape your business and IT capabilities to improve agility, and then support you on all parts of your journey.

From redesigning your IT operating model, through to providing Agile coaching, service definitions and the establishment of automated DevOps capabilities, Oakton is your Agile partner.


IT Operating Model Design

Redesign your IT Operating Model to become more agile and adaptive to business needs.

Digital Advisory

Agile Transformation & Coaching

Leverage our skilled consultants to establish and entrench your Agile practices.


Dev Ops Consulting

Improve your delivery throughput through the establishment of automated Devops capabilities.


Proven Experience

With 30 years of experience, we are a trusted advisory service partner to our clients.

Digital Advisory


Skilled practitioners with industry standard certifications.

Digital Advisory


We provide advise that aligns to your strategic direction.



We don’t just provide advice, we’ll stay with you on the journey to deliver it.

Work with some of the best and brightest to deliver innovative solutions

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