_simplify data management with a scalable data platform

Integrate data streams for meaningful insight

At Oakton, we bring real-life experience in designing and building platforms to our clients. We can help you ingest and store unstructured and structured data in both batch and real-time. Implement the necessary platforms to ingest any type of data, perform complex data transformation and analytics, and then deliver insights through various outputs such as reports, dashboards and embedded web and mobile applications. Harness your data with an efficient data platform for simplified, scalable data management solutions.


Big Data Platforms

Access solutions that are cost-effective, can scale rapidly, and handle a broad variety of data sources.

Digital Advisory

IoT & Analytics Platforms

Leverage our cross-industry experience in building secure cloud-based Internet of Things and Analytics platforms. 


Data Platform Modernisation

Test and prove the value of modernising your data platforms with Fast Start approaches.

Our partners

Digital Advisory

Proven Experience

With 30 years of experience, we are a trusted advisory service partner to our clients.


World-class Partners

We partner with industry leaders to deliver the solutions you need.


End-to-end IoT Capability

We can manage your IoT needs with end-to-end services, from networking through to implementation.


Life-time Services

Our solutions are backed by ongoing managed support services as we stand behind what we deliver.

Work with some of the best and brightest to deliver innovative solutions

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