Project and Testing Services

Oakton’s Project Services provide clients with experienced project and change professionals who are able to initiate, analyse, manage, test and deliver complex programs and projects.

Oakton’s Project Services has experienced consultants such as Project, Program & Change Managers, Directors, PMO specialists and Business Analysts, who are able to initiate, analyse, manage, test and deliver complex programs and projects. These can be in the form of outcome based projects/engagements such as Testing-As-A-Service, PMO setup, Project Health Checks, Requirements Packaging, or simply provide experienced resources on demand to augment your existing teams. 

Our consultants have experience across all industries and technology domains, including Systems Integration, Digital, Information Management and Relationship Management. We ‘matchmake’ our staff to best fit your organisational need and culture.

Oakton provides best of breed portfolio management services to assist you in delivering your vision through the optimisation of your organisation’s project portfolio. Focusing on the key areas of pipeline, financial, resource and risk management combined with strong change control processes, Oakton ensures that your project portfolio’s performance is transparent and optimised to meet the ever changing needs of your organisation.

When processes are not static and outcomes cannot be predicted within sufficient tolerance and you cannot use planning techniques that rely on predictability, we turn to agile. Oakton agile project delivery uses an incremental reprioritisation of features to determine what is delivered in each iteration. This allows the delivery of projects to be adaptable to your organisation’s ever changing needs.

Selecting the right partner to deliver a service or product for your organisation is the key to the success of your project; the wrong selection can cost a lot of time and money. Oakton, with vast experience in tender management will ensure that from the outset your request for tender is clear on the objectives your organisation wants to achieve. Oakton will then ensure that the correct vendor is chosen, one that can deliver the solution within the specified objectives and has a good cultural fit with your organisation.

Oakton’s project management office services will help your organisation to establish the appropriate PMO to meet your requirements from reporting PMO to enterprise planning. Through collaboration with your project stakeholders and our years of experience we can assist you in developing effective and consistent services to ensure successful delivery of the right projects.

One of the most important parts of project delivery is learning from the project process and improving it for the future. Oakton’s post implementation review can assist you to find out all the processes, practices and deliverables that worked and why some things just didn’t. This is achieved through an extensive feedback and interview process with people both directly and indirectly involved with the project with a view to improving the organisations ability to deliver its projects in the best way possible.

Do you have a project that is not quite meeting your organisations expectations?

With Oakton’s project health check you can understand the issues that are causing the project to falter. Going through a process of reviewing the project versus the methodology being utilised, then assessing the effectiveness of each role and process in the project Oakton can advise how the project can be improved to once again deliver on the expectations that your organisation has.

When a project fails to deliver sometimes all is not lost, with Oakton’s project restoration service projects can be restored to meet their original purpose. This is achieved through taking the parts of the project that work and augmenting the parts that don’t.

How do you face a challenge if you don’t know what it is? The answer is you can’t. Oakton places a high importance on definition before solution. By providing experienced and collaborative business analysis, Oakton will help your organisation to not only systematically define the challenges you are facing but also guide you through the process of rectifying them.

Oakton appreciates nuances of business analysis conducted on a project that is undertaking an agile methodology. With this in mind Oakton provides resources with the ability to analyse requirements quickly and create user stories that describe your business, and the relative importance to the overall business process so as to assess their priority.

All organisations need to go through cycles of business process improvement to ensure that they are working at the optimum level. Oakton approaches the process improvement cycle by defining your existing processes and assessing them against organisation goals. Creating a set of to-be process that meet all objectives of your organisation and then assisting in the implementation of these changes to ensure their success.

Testing as a service gives your organisation the ability to scale testing capability in a very short time. Oakton has provided testing as a service in a variety of domains and methods using a core team placed with the ability to scale up and down based on demand. Oakton owns risk and accountability for testing deliverables.

A testing strategy will give your organisation the comfort that thought and planning has gone into ensuring that changes introduced by a project will not negatively impact the business. Oakton has worked with many companies to devise a test strategy that considers environments, tools, testing schedule, roles and responsibilities all focused on mitigating risk associated with project introduced change.

Randomly flicking through screens and reports 'giving them a go' is not effective in finding bugs and confirming functionality. Testing must be structured, documented and linked to project requirements to make a project a success. Oakton’s test planning methodology will provide this along with experienced resources that know how to minimise project implementation risk through thorough test planning.

The best test strategies and plans can be ruined by poor test execution. To meet your organisations needs Oakton provides resources that know the dangers of not thoroughly testing changes made to systems, processes and organisations. Using this knowledge Oakton delivers test execution that is consistent with test planning and mitigates risk associates with making change.

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