Responding to market demand for Solutions as a Service

Oakton has continued to transform its business to establish a market position as provider of specialist consulting and IT services through predominantly outcome and annuity based engagements that are now incorporating cloud based delivery models and enabling us to deliver “Oakton solutions as a service”.

This year we have seen our customers continue to drive a digital agenda as they seek out the returns from online channels and insights from increasing volumes of internal and external data, much of which is now being created by social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers no longer wait months for feedback on products and services; they know in days and sometimes in hours how consumers are reacting.

The demand for agile, relevant and cost efficient solutions to enable these directions continues to increase and interestingly the buyers are no longer just the IT departments of government and commercial organisations. As the consumerisation of IT continues its steady ramp, business people running marketing departments, finance departments and operations expect the ease of use and access to information within the workplace that they enjoy on their personal smartphone and tablets. 

Our response to these directions has not been short term; we have been setting the foundation and transforming our company towards being a more specialised Services Integration provider that has an increasing relevance to our clients changing business models and demands for contemporary consulting and technology services.

We refocused our business model; we repositioned our brand to focus on specialised integration and project-based service and solution outcomes leveraging our global resourcing model; and we invested in people development programs, new business processes, systems and new partnerships, including cloud based infrastructure and software service providers, required to enable broader service capability.

Throughout FY2013 we continued to invest in these operational changes that underpin our plans to deliver improved returns to our customers, employees and shareholders over the medium to long term.

Neil Wilson, Oakton CEO

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