Improving Business Processes Through Real-Time Insights

Sharepoint Conference - Monday 18th November - Wednesday 20th November 2014

Oakton's Robert Webster, Director Consulting will be presenting ‘Improving Business Processes Through Real-Time Insights’ alongside Metro Health's Chief Information Officer, Michael Draheim at this year's Share Conference.

Oakton and Metro Health will discuss how SharePoint’s PowerView significantly enhanced visibility of admissions, occupancy and waiting times, with a suite of dashboards and reports providing a clear overview of the Health Service admissions, discharges, occupancy and performance. The solution provided metrics updated in near real-time support effective decision-making where managers are able to drill and identify critical bottlenecks, daily, weekly or monthly trends and KPI breaches.

  • How the challenge of having the right data at the right place and the right time was addressed using SharePoint Business Intelligence
  • Integrating data from a range of different sources using PowerView
  • Providing drill-down capabilities - giving users powerful alternative views of data to support decision making
  • Building team knowledge and producing rapid results through agile development
  • How to better engage business users in understanding data and prioritise next steps through the development of a Proof of Concept

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