How Oakton is using Microsoft technology to develop new business solutions for our clients

The Microsoft and Oakton Windows 8 Enablement Approach

Oakton are changing their approach to designing solutions end to end for customer experience in industries such as Financial Services and Retail with Windows 8.

Paul Vogues, NSW Executive General Manager, Shaji Sethu, Director Consulting, and Samir Shringarpure, Platform Architect from Oakton talk to Toby Bowers of Microsoft about Windows 8 and the new business solutions that are being created.

Oakton have seen Windows 8 provide a step change in the way applications are delivered, providing an opportunity for clients to leap frog competitors and provide a new customer experience. This new wave of customer experience focus has created an ongoing increased demand for mobile applications and consistency across channels that help to drive a reduction in cost of service for the organisations while increasing the speed of execution.

There has been a paradigm shift in a way that solutions are designed with a customer experience focus being more at the forefront. This has led to a change to the way solutions are architected with customer experience, relationship management, and content management all tying into the processes at the back end.

The year ahead presents a difficult market where organisations are re-evaluating where to invest, driving our clients to focus on differentiating on the experiences they provide their customers. This will translate into the need to be more effective in the solutions offered and Windows 8 is a platform to assist.

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