GTR Cloud RoundTable: Cloudy Days Bring New Light

Oakton CEO, Neil Wilson discusses Australian Cloud Services in an Exclusive Government Technology Review Roundtable

The coalition’s Policy for E-Government and the Digital Economy set the objective of getting all major government services online, and an increasing affinity for cloud-based services is going to play an increasing role in making this happen.

Much of the change will be driven by top-down mandates from AGIMO, but the sheer variety and scale of potential cloud engagements guarantees a diversity of approaches to the technology – and a range of potential outcomes.

To size up what the cloud has in store for us, GTR spoke with a number of industry experts about the current state of the Australian cloud-services market, and its likely future direction in government and out of it. 

In this applications and services stream, GTR interviews Oakton’s CEO, Neil Wilson alongside:

  • Ross Dewar, CEO at hosting and infrastructure- as- a- service (IaaS) provider Emantra;
  • Tom Canning, APAC Vice President with software-licencing giant Flexera Software;
  • Adrian Rudman, Asia Pacific GM of Sales with Collaboration and Process Management vendor Objective Corporation;
  • Jack Dan, National GM for Government with Telstra Enterprise and Government

This Roundtable offers valuable insight into where Australian cloud services are today, and where they will be tomorrow.

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