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by Roland Irwin |
customer centric

It’s a confronting reality: Your customers now expect your business to know them. Customers will gravitate to businesses that understand their needs and desires and personalise their experience. It’s no surprise then that customer-centric businesses are the ones that are leading their industries; gaining customer loyalty by engaging customers in a meaningful and personalised relationship across their touch-points.

It’s all about the experience

Last year Forbes found that 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience, yet only 1% of customers feel vendors consistently meet their expectations. And in 2012 Forrester reported that 80% of companies say they deliver ‘“superior” customer service, yet only a tiny 8% of people actually think these same companies deliver that.

There is clearly a disconnect between businesses and their customers viewpoints.

What is needed is context-driven personalised experiences for your customers, which has been shown to consistently drive brand loyalty. Industry leaders do this by leveraging enterprise platforms to deliver customer insight and synchronise into marketing automation systems. This provides marketing teams with both responsive and predictive care; across owned, earned and paid channels.

Oakton is helping some of the world’s leading companies to design, refine and deliver their customer centric visions. We help organisations get closer to their customers, with a customer-first approach.

Oakton has chosen to partner with Sitecore, the market leader in on-platform context driven marketing. Oakton is one of only a handful of Sitecore Platinum partners in Australia.

Why Sitecore?

Sitecore is at its core an analytics platform. The cross device, single user view allows the platform to run a series of powerful personalisation experiences for our clients and their customers.

Sitecore offers Oakton teams a flexible and powerful tool to track and learn users’ intent, interests and knowledge, and to segment them into audience profiles. Armed with contextual intelligence, such as geo-location data and device detection, we can easily enable our clients to provide relevant experiences to their customers, based on their customers’ past brand interactions and current needs. And with interaction comes further personalised, contextual content marketing, to continually enrich the customer experience and move them further down the purchase funnel.

Manage your customers’ experience

Sitecore has recently deployed ‘Sitecore 8.1’, with two new major enhancements:

  • Experience Management (XM). Organisations can repurpose content across multiple channels, monitor content with a centralised management tool, and present content in the right language for the customer regardless of channel. The main component that sets XM 8.1 apart from previous versions is in-session personalisation that helps brands deliver relevant content by setting personalisation rules.
  • Experience Platform (XP). Organisations can deliver contextual personalisation based on all customer interactions, have visibility into where their customers are coming from and where they’re spending time on the website, and automate messages to be personalised and meaningful.

If you are looking at Sitecore or looking to upgrade please let us know. Find out more here.

Oakton believes that website creation on Sitecore is just the beginning. Our strategy, personalisation, optimisation, user experience, customer experience and analytics teams have developed a program of refinement and optimisation to get the most out of your Sitecore (or other platforms) implementation.

Customer experience runs for your customers’ lifespan, it’s not a single point in time but a continually evolving process. Our focus is not just on attracting and engaging our clients’ customers, but also enriching, converting and advocating for them.

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