Gartner - Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

by Ray Moukaddem |


On the 29th of July, Gartner released their Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management without a huge surprise in the results.  Sitecore and Adobe being the furthest right top corner platforms.

We often get asked by our clients which WCM platform is right for us, or which platform is ‘really’ the best on the market. Our standard reply is that it depends on what the best fit for your organisation will be. This might sound like a cop out answer but it is the most honest answer.  You generally won’t run an OS X operating system on an iBeacon, as we simply know this is not the right technology fit for purpose.

One of the ways we help our clients determine which platform is a better fit is by developing a proof of concept (POC) project. This allows clients to evaluate a working product of the platform vs the sales driven demo’s the vendors showcase. Although the demo is great for being able to experience the cutting edge features the platforms provide, the client doesn’t get a sense of what is required to build their vision. 

A basic outline of the process we use to drive a POC shoot out is:

  1. Work with the client to set the goals, objectives and criteria of what they want out of the WCM. We do this to ensure that the client is able to use over 75% of the platform features they are investing into.
  2. Setup user stories and design of a small simple project that can be developed within 5-10 working days. This allows the client to assess real development, albeit being a small piece.
  3. Walk through the results of the comparison using different lenses, to evaluate the criteria set up in step 1. A lens could be a marketer view, I.T view or content author view.
  4. Create a POC summary report to promote the client message internally, as well as provide a recommendation. 

 A quick summary of the strengths in the Gartner report of the Adobe and Sitecore platforms is below, we have also included some of our views. Both platforms are recognised as leaders according to Gartner which are categorised by the following points:

  • Drive transformation in the market
  • Highest scores for completeness of vision
  • Strong channel partners
  • They dominate as a technology or vertical

Some of the strengths of Sitecore include:

  • Successful partnership with Microsoft
  • New features in Sitecore 8 around engagement analytics
  • New admin interface design
  • A/B testing and cutting edge automated marketing features
  • Data management platform capability
  • Strong growth in all regions including Australia
  • Multiple tiered license model for extra small to large organisations
  • Moving to SaaS offerings 

 Some of the strengths of Adobe include:

  • Has one of the richest sets of WCM capabilities in the market
  • Highly rated user experience
  • Deep understanding of adjacent verticals such as DAM, ecommerce, multichannel campaigns
  • Well aligned to enterprise needs
  • Integrates easily into the Marketing cloud suite

These are just a few points, there are far more benefits both platforms have to offer. They wouldn’t be the market leaders without a long list of features which are advantageous to  businesses implementation.

Are you currently considering one of these platforms? Oakton would be happy to organise a time to discuss what your needs are, and how these platforms can help reach your digital marketing goals.

Oakton have one of the biggest and strongest Sitecore teams in Australia.  We work closely with Sitecore, always utilising the latest Microsoft frameworks and Sitecore versions. If you’re already on an older version of Sitecore, feel free to contact us to see how easy it is to upgrade to Sitecore 8.1.

To view the whole white paper, click here

Oakton are both platinum Sitecore partners and Adobe partners. 


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