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Vintage Cellars Wine Club is a fantastic rewards program that gives members points

Over the years, the program has been a great success for Vintage Cellars, however, in this rapidly ascending digital age, members expected simplicity and convenience.  Members couldn’t access points when they were on the spot wanting to use them. Rewards were not convenient and not providing the intended positive customer experience. 

The Thinking

Together with Coles and Vintage Cellars, we came up with a solution - move the rewards program from a card to a smartphone. In six weeks the Coles and Oakton team designed and built a smartphone application from start to finish.

If the new digital rewards program was to fly, Vintage Cellars needed a smartphone app to talk to their back end systems to retrieve and update points data and stock with confidence. As Oakton had built and provided support services for Coles ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX), the team understood the integration complexity. We worked with Coles, not just by considering the impact on their front end systems, but thinking about how existing systems would interface with the Smartphone app, each step of the way.

Vintage Cellars

The Solution

Coles and Oakton worked with an agile approach to progress at pace.

Vintage Cellars


"Oakton listened to us and was responsive and innovative in designing the solution. Their understanding of commercial systems helped us realise a solution that enables our members to complete a transaction at their convenience."


Jane Bird - Coles Head of IT for Liquor and Coles Express

Customer Benefit

Vintage Cellars Wine Club has a customer loyalty program that offers its members convenience - the ability to redeem their points when they want to buy wine. The new Wine Club Smartphone application also allows customers to find a store and look up the hours of their local store for that last minute pick-up.

Vintage Cellars

Back at head office, Vintage Cellars are now be able to measure and track reliable customer metrics on the program and target promotions to their customers more effectively.

Learn more - view the Vintage Cellars Wine Club App video here


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