Victoria University

An Online Student Admissions Solution

The Thinking 

Victoria University needed the ability to reduce costs and data inconsistencies when processing paper-based applications. The time being taken to assess applications and then make offers was also an area of concern and needed to be minimised in order to ensure that Victoria University could provide offers within a competitive timeframe.

Oakton was engaged to provide solution definition and implementation of a new electronic Applications submission and processing capability.

The Solution

Oakton leveraged the existing strategic investment by Victoria University in the Oracle RightNow cloud-hosted solution and proposed inclusion of the Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) product to facilitate electronic applications.

A proof-of-concept was used to ensure the two products were suited to the particular circumstances and consequently the Admissions centre was built on the Oracle RightNow CX platform.

Oracle Policy Automation was leveraged to identify supplementary forms for courses and also used to dynamically determine the Special Consideration and Advanced Standing forms specific to each applicant based on their choice of course(s). This reduces assessment time by removing the need to ask for additional information/attachments.

Using Agile methodologies with three week sprints, testing occurred in tandem with the development activities. Each Sprint was followed by a retrospective meeting to improve internal processes and the next sprint planning session.

Customer Benefit

The solution enables the students to work through the application process at their leisure from their own desktop, laptop or tablet device, and subsequently track the status of their application throughout the assessment cycle. The resulting faster selection outcomes are a key benefit for both the student and the University.

Other benefits include:
  • Improved user experience for prospective and existing students
  • Case Officers are now able to evaluate applications online
  • Improved throughput of student applications
  • Ability to collect more valid and complete data through a streamlined and consistent user interface

“The great thing about being able to apply online is that it makes it easy and stress free for the students. That is what we are all about at Victoria University. Our goal is to help people access the education they need to continue with their career or life journey.”

Brooke Young, Vice President (Marketing & Advancement), Victoria University