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Integrating and enriching Oakton’s employees and processes through the delivery of a social collaboration platform

The Thinking

Oakton’s intranet did little to foster collaboration or employee engagement. Searching for documents and collaborating with different business units proved difficult when responding to bids and it was almost impossible to share content quickly and securely. Keeping employees informed and connected to each other was also proving an issue as identified by Oakton’s Employee Engagement Survey results.

Oakton needed a solution that would allow teams to be constantly connected and communicating across functional and location boundaries. It was important that employees could connect with each other on any device, at any time, providing an opportunity for staff to work together without formal structure.  

The Solution

A social enterprise platform for Oakton was delivered in under six months, leveraging Oakton's employee collaboration solution. Oakton’s collaboration solution capabilities extended beyond the standard SharePoint out of the box features and included enhanced capabilities such as micro blogging, following and tagging content.

Our employees built, shared and optimised the content based on what was relevant to them. The new intranet labelled ‘Ozone’, presented a new way of working whilst driving greater engagement, participation and social interaction from employees.

Ozone focuses on search, collaborating around client deliverables and developing internal IP; while enabling Oakton employees to connect geographically dispersed offices into one national identity. 

The solution included integration with Oakton's CRM platform to provide single view of the customer and is being actively supported by Oakton's offshore Global Delivery Centre in Hyderabad, India.

Employee Collaboration

Customer Benefit

The social collaboration platform has resulted in a user adoption of 962 unique users to date, with 600 of those using Ozone every day. 

Benefits we realised at Oakton:

Improved Organisation Performance

  • Quality of Proposals
  • Through ease of access of IP
  • Easily find and leverage IP
  • Ease of sharing IP, reference materials and learnings
Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Employees rated the improvement in Corporate Communications from 28% to 68% where the single biggest change was Ozone
  • Employees felt better about corporate communications
  • Improved Communications brought better business alignment
  • Staff are able to ask questions easily and responses are given quickly and directly
  • Builds a culture of transparency, openness and of one team working together
Employee Retention
  • Reduced Voluntary turnover by 5%
  • Increased quality relationship with Managers
  • Built a greater sense of team
Employee Comments
  • “Ozone is fantastic and a great initiative.”
  • “There has definitely been improved communications from Ozone.”
  • “I can connect to what is happening using Ozone.”
  • “Ozone has significantly improved employee engagement.”