NPS MedicineWise

Strategic CRM platform implementation enables NPS MedicineWise to improve business operations 

NPS MedicineWise is an independent, evidence-based and not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing health professionals and consumers with readily available information for good practice in prescribing and making decisions about medicines and the use of medical tests.    

“First time implementations of organisational relationship management strategy and solutions are high risk endeavors. Oakton was instrumental in providing the experience, process knowledge and technical skills we needed to successfully introduce relationship management at NPS MedicineWise."

Glenn Pringle, Chief Information Officer, NPS MedicineWise

The Thinking

NPS MedicineWise recognised that to successfully fulfill its mission, it needed to have a firm understanding of its customers, partners, and suppliers; who they were, what they expected, how they were being interacted with and how NPS MedicineWise could improve that experience.

With a relationship management strategy defined, NPS MedicineWise chose Oakton to help develop the processes and tools to successfully deliver on NPS MedicineWise’s strategic intent.

The Solution


Oakton’s approach was to work as a blended team with NPS MedicineWise staff. To achieve this the team ran a series of workshops to better understand the requirements of the new system and how CRM could deliver a solution to meet their business’ needs. An agile approach was used to demonstrate the various implementation options.

Oakton recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to be implemented with few or no customisations. Ultimately, NPS MedicineWise required a range of integration capabilities to allow the CRM solution to maximise its seamless interaction with other solutions within the NPS MedicineWise application landscape.

Customer Benefit 

The Integrated Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM solution has supported NPS MedicineWise’s strategic objectives and allows for:

  • Reliable performance
  • Automation of process
  • Standardisation of information
  • Efficient data entry
  • Control of access
  • Information and process visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Quality capture of information
  • Collaboration, both internally and externally
  • Mobile Access 

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