Metro South Health - Queensland

Tracking admissions and ward occupancy across a Health Service

Metro South Health is the public hospital and health service, serving an estimated population of 1 million people in  the geographic region covering Brisbane's south side, Logan and Redland. They had become reliant upon a number of mature Clinical Information Systems which had limited capabilities to deliver real-time dashboard information for their services.

The Thinking

Develop a Pilot through an Agile project

Oakton recommended an initial short engagement using an agile approach to help define what could and should be measured and to develop the most effective means of presenting these metrics. The agile approach consisting of daily interaction with subject matter experts and key stakeholders, helped Metro South understand what data could be reported on to provide the greatest business value. 

The Solution

Using our technology experience coupled with our understanding of the environment and specific requirements, Oakton recommended the Microsoft “PowerView” application which offered the most suitable analytical and reporting capability for Metro South Health.

Critical KPIs were identified and SQL Server Reporting Services reports were developed to provide consistent, structured reporting of these key metrics. The SQL Server Analysis Services tabular model underpinning the solution is loaded in near real-time via a structured ETL process built using SQL Server Integration Services.

The pilot was developed leveraging Oakton’s industry proven BI framework ensuring it was both robust an extensible.

Customer Benefits

Oakton was able to deliver a suite of dashboards and reports providing a clear overview of the Health Service admissions, discharges, occupancy and performance against Australian National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) targets.



These metrics are updated in near real-time providing up-to-date information that can support effective decision-making.

With PowerView’s support for ad-hoc analysis, managers are able to drill into any of these metrics and identify critical bottlenecks, daily, weekly or monthly trends and KPI breaches.