Geoscience Australia

Providing a targeted and cost effective internal audit program

Geoscience Australia provides geoscientific advice and information to the Australian Government to support it to deliver its priorities. They also provide geoscientific information to industry and other stakeholders where it supports achievement of Australian Government objectives. 

Oakton has been working with Geoscience Australia since 2005, providing them with a targeted and cost effective internal audit program. The audit program has developed over the years from a large compliance focused program to a more sophisticated mix of audits, leading to many business improvements.  

The Thinking

Since 2005, Geoscience Australia has expanded and enhanced the services they provide to the community.  These developments include the introduction of the Australian Tsunami Warning System (ATWS) and a greater demand for the National Sentinel Bushfire Monitoring System, hosted by Geoscience Australia. Both of these developments has resulted in real time demand for Geoscience Australia’s services.

The Solution

Oakton has been able to assist Geoscience Australia to rise to the challenge of these developments in the following ways:

  • An internal audit of the ATWS- examining the systems, processes and resources in place to support the 24/7 operational requirements of the ATWS in the early days. This was the first 24/7 enterprise Geoscience Australia had conducted.
  • Internal audits of business continuity and disaster recovery planning processes within Geoscience Australia to ensure that vital services such as the ATWS and the Sentinel Bushfire Monitoring Systems remain online when they are in high demand by the community.


Customer Benefit 

Geoscience Australia not only receives an effective internal audit service, providing the Chief Executive Officer with assurance that key functions are operating effectively, but it has also been able to leverage the knowledge Oakton consultants have gained about its business into cost effective complementary services such as fraud control planning and risk management services.

“Oakton has been our internal auditor for more than six years and has established a strong working relationship with the Audit and Risk Committee. I have sought input from Oakton on topics to be included in the rolling internal three-year audit plan, and have appreciated their insight and commentary. Oakton is timely in delivery of audits; and the staff are knowledgeable, quietly effective, and efficient.”

Clinton Foster, Chief Scientist and Audit Committee Chair, Geoscience Australia.