Department of environment

Developing a compelling, user-friendly and comprehensive set of guidelines for the production and management of a high quality portfolio of mobile applications. 

The Thinking

As the Department of the Environment administers a wide range of public and business oriented programs, there is a strategic need to make its services and information available to the public through mobile applications (apps). The department’s Information Technology Branch (ITB) receives frequent requests from business areas for assistance with developing mobile apps for their customers.

ITB needed a resource they could provide to business areas that would help them understand the process and responsibilities in developing a mobile app, before they began their project. Oakton was asked to develop a set of guidelines that ITB could provide to business areas which would explain the process of developing a mobile app and clearly outline the responsibilities for the business throughout the full lifecycle. 

The Solution

In order to understand the core needs from the prospective audience for this document, Oakton hosted a rapid round of consultations with a diverse set of stakeholders from the department.

The feedback from these sessions was then used to draft a detailed table of contents which was then refined in a workshop with the client. With the structure and content agreed, Oakton set about filling out the content, using a combination of industry research, practical experience and departmental understanding.

mobile apps guidelines image

Customer Benefit 

Oakton developed an approachable and informal set of guidelines that will now be adopted as the departmental standard for the design and development of mobile applications. 

“By creating a compelling, user-friendly and comprehensive set of guidelines, Oakton has provided us with a valuable tool that will help the Department produce and manage a high quality portfolio of mobile applications.”

Samantha Downie, Enterprise Architecture Team, Department of the Environment.

The document describes mobile apps through a set of app lifecycle stages that both business and IT departments can relate to. It also outlines mobile development best-practices within a departmental-specific context in order to provide the audience with relatable, reliable content presented in a visual, accessible format.