Oakton’s Microsoft Dynamics as a Service Solution

Oakton’s Microsoft Dynamics As a Service Solution

Reduce cost while improving agility


Oakton’s Microsoft Dynamics as a Service (DaaS) solution delivers services covering Infrastructure, Solution Enablement and Service Management of a Microsoft’s Dynamics AX ERP & CRM environment with a service provision model that is managed by a single service provider.

The Solution

Existing ERP as-a- Service models are really just delivering the infrastructure and software platform. Oakton’s DaaS is a full ERP as-a-service model delivering all the benefits of a PaaSmodel plus:

• An annuity based opex model which includes all costs to conserve cash resources
• Implementation included and based on standard business processes to reduce deployment time & cost
• Reduced project administration requirements to lower cost of implementation vs traditional project based model
• Support for customisations to address unique compliance and competitive advantage functional requirements
• Support for software service packs & version releases
• Comprehensive service management for delivery of support services


Oakton’s DaaS service can help your organisation to realise a range of benefits:


Scales to business needs and changes and ability to ‘burst’ to peak demand.


Improved agility to meet business change and demand by being able to provision services much quicker.


Avoid large capital expenditure and reduce commitment to baseline BAU across multiple ERP’s.


Enables your vision with one system of record (ERP) and allows you to focus on high value functions to drive revenue.

Service Enablement

A key part of the DaaS service is our rapid deployment model based on the use of standard business processes. This ensures the service can be in production quickly and effectively. 

Customisations for unique business differentiation can be included during service enablement and then covered by the monthly fee for support purposes. 

In addition the service allows for a level of service pack upgrades to maintain software currency across application & platform services. No more surprises with the cost of upgrading your environment to take advantage of new functionality/features.

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