360° Customer Platform
As a Service

360° Customer Platform
As a Service

Know your customer and target key messages to drive traffic and increase sales

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Do you Know Your Customer?

Most medium to large organisations have multiple sources of customer information that are not integrated. These may include CRM systems, Marketing and campaign systems, ordering and fulfillment, service management, online platforms etc. This duplication is often then multiplied where there are different business units, or following company mergers and acquisitions.

Lack of single view of customer can lead to:

Inability to execute on customer centric business strategies

  • Digital customer experience
  • Omni-channel customer engagement
  • Targeted marketing

Reduces Sales and marketing effectiveness

  • 30% revenue over 3 years is left on the table (Forester)
  • Cost of running campaigns
  • Missed selling opportunities/sales effectiveness

Negative Customer experience/satisfaction Operational inefficiencies

  • Service quality & cost to serve
  • Invoicing/Revenue Leakage
  • Missed selling opportunities/sales effectiveness

6-7 X'S

More Costly to Aquire New Customers than to Maintain

50 %


25 %

Of Revenue Cancellations are Because of Poor Communication

Why Oakton 360° Customer Platform?

Single view of the customer

Oakton's 360° Customer platform as a Service provides you with a consistent, cleansed and integrated view of the customer information you have stored across different systems and different parts of your business, along with external data such as social media and demographic, and marketing data.

A proven and cost effective solution that can be implemented on premise or in the Oakton Cloud. With the following benefits

  • Improve customer intelligence and understanding
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Understand customer value
  • Privacy and regulatory compliance
360 chart

Marketing Automation

Using insights to increase ROI on marketing activities.


Through better analytics connect with new and existing consumers by making their last millisecond on your website unforgettable.


Increase number of consumers on your website.
Reach a higher engagement via Social.
Better understand consumer behaviour, buying behaviour and focus everything on driving user experience.


Increase net sales by acquiring new customers.
Increase net profit by decreasing customer acquisition cost.
Broaden revenue streams to have ability to cross sell.

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